Business Administration
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Curriculum Requirements

The Bryan Online Degree Completion Program builds upon the University's General Education Core requirements and the pre-admission requirements for the BSBA Business Studies online major. Students who have not completely met these requirements can complete them at the community college or in some cases through UNCG web based courses. For transfer credit equivalency please review the unofficial equivalency list at The ODC program offers all Common Body of Knowledge courses for the major as well as 21 credit hours of business courses for meeting the Business Studies concentration online.

Pre-Admission Requirements for the Business Studies Major: The following courses must be completed for admission to the ODC Program Business Studies major:

bullet ACC 201, 202 Financial and Managerial Accounting
bullet CST 105 Introduction to Communication
bullet ECO 201, 202, 250* Micro and Macroeconomics, Statistics
bullet ENG 101 English Composition I
bullet ISM 110, 280* Business Computing, Business Processes and IT
bullet MAT 120 Calculus for Business and Social Sciences

*These courses must be taken in the Bryan School and will be offered online for ODC students

Required Common Body of Knowledge Courses (CBK):

  • Global Sustainability Elective - ECO 100 Economics of a Global Sustainable Society or ENT 130/BUS 130 Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Global Environment or LLC 120 Global Crossings: Topics in Images, Media, and Texts or STH 200 Introduction to Sustainable Development or ENV 110 Introduction to Sustainability Studies or other approved Global Sustainability Elective
  • ECO 300 The International Economy
  • FIN 315 Business Finance I
  • MGT 301 Introduction to International Business
  • MGT 312 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MGT 330 The Legal Environment of Business
  • MGT 491 Business Policy and Strategy
  • MKT 309 Business Communications
  • MKT 320 Principles of Marketing
  • SCM 302 Operations Management

Business Studies Concentration Requirements:
The Business Studies concentration consists of 21 credit hours of approved business elective courses. At least 15 credit hours must be at 300-level or above and no more than nine (9) credit hours can be outside the department. A variety of elective courses offered for the Online Degree Completion program are offered leading to a focus in general management.