Business Administration
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Student Responsiblities

All students are responsible for knowing the information on this page. Failure to act according to this information can result in enrollment difficulties, delayed graduation, loss of financial aid, tuition overcharges, and expulsion from UNCG.

Academic Integrity

Practice Academic Integrity
All students must adhere to the UNCG Academic Integrity Policy, which governs cheating, plagiarism, falsification, and misuse of academic resources. Sanctions for academic integrity violations range from redoing an assignment or an F in the course to a recommendation for expulsion from the university.

Online Participation

Make Sure Your Computer is Adequate
Online classes are completely dependent upon your computer. Make sure it meets the Technical Requirements for Online Classes.

Activate Your Online Accounts
You must set up Your Computer Accounts before you begin classes. You should have access to iSpartan, Blackboard, and UNCGenie.

Check Your iSpartan Email Frequently
You are responsible for information that will only be sent to this account, including:

  • University business, including billing, financial aid, and registration problems.
  • Departmental business, including advising emails and announcements.
  • Emails sent to you through Blackboard by your instructors and classmates.

Log On to Your Blackboard Classes Frequently
You are responsible for meeting all deadlines in your classes. You may be dropped from your class if you have not participated in discussions or contacted your instructor in the first week.

  • Log on the first scheduled day of the class.
  • Be sure you know all assignments and deadlines.
  • When in doubt, contact your instructor.

Course Load

Register Sensibly and Leave Time for Success
Despite their flexibility, online classes are usually more time consuming than normal face-to-face classes. Online discussion boards just take more time than in-class discussions.  As you move through the major, course material is more advanced and demands may be more substantial.  Keep in mind that the maximum number of credits a student can take is 19 hours per semester.

Degree Requirements

Know Your Degree Requirements
It is your responsibility meet all BSBA Business Studies before you can graduate from UNCG. The best thing you can do to graduate on time is to know your degree requirements, which ones you have met, and — most importantly — which ones you have yet to meet.

  • Learn to generate and interpret your Degree Evaluation.
  • Read your advising email prior to semester registration (March and October).
  • Contact your advisor with any curriculum questions.

Know Your Registration and Tuition Deadlines
Failure to register, pay tuition, or drop classes on time can cost you a significant amount of money in fees and lost tuition.

  • Registration Windows: You will have an early registration window, a schedule adjustment window, and a rolling registration window. Failure to enroll in your classes during the early registration window will result in late-registration fees.
  • Tuition Deadlines: If you do not pay your tuition bill by the payment deadline, you will be dropped from your classes for non-payment. Your seats will go up for grabs, and you will be charged a late-registration fee when you re-register.
  • Add/Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines: Know the dates for adding a course, dropping a course and receiving a refund, and withdrawing from a course without academic penalty.  You can check them here:

UNCG Continuous-Residency Policy

Stay Current at UNCG
You must complete at least one class per semester at UNCG to stay current (Spring & Fall). If you do not enroll for a semester, or if you withdraw from all of your classes for a semester, you will be considered an inactive student.

  • You will not receive regular advising emails.
  • You will be last in line to register for classes.
  • You must fill out a Former Student Application to resume enrollment at UNCG.

Change of Address, Email, or Name

Keep Your Student Information Accurate
Be sure to keep your contact information up to date. Out-of-date mailing addresses or emails can cause you to miss out on important information.

  • Access UNCGenie.
  • Click Enter Secure Area and log on with your Student ID number and PIN.
  • Click Personal Information.
  • Follow the appropriate links to update your address, telephone, email, and marital status, and to select what is displayed in your UNCG directory profile.

Name Changes
If you change your name, avoid confusion and let the university know.

  • Process name changes through the University Registrar's Office.
    • Name changes can be processed by mail with a notarized signature and photocopies of the required documents.
  • Change the name that appears in your eSpartan email:
    • Email from your UNCG email account.
    • Request to change the name that appears in your Lotus Notes account.
    • Include your old name, and your new name as it should appear.
  • You can request to have your UNCG username changed with this form (this is a big job that requires shutting down your accounts for a day).