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Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance, Security and Privacy

As advances in information technology have made it easier to collect, store, process, and generate data at a staggering rate, concerns over the security of what is collected and the potential for security breaches and personal violations have also increased substantially. To meet the demand of organizations and government agencies for employees skilled in information security and privacy, the Bryan School of Business and Economics offers the online Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance, Security and Privacy course. The online certificate program requires a minimum of 12 credit hours but may not exceed 15 credit hours.
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Program Features
bullet Provides theoretical foundation and practical understanding of information security and privacy environment of the 21st Century
bullet Offers the latest thinking and best practices on all aspects of information security and privacy technologies, tools, methodologies and management
bullet Open to professionals with bachelor’s in any under Graduate Certificate academic discipline
bullet Certificate can be completed in only two semesters of part-time study
bullet Certificate can be combined with the Bryan MBA or credits from the certificate may be carried over into the Bryan MSITM

Did You Know?
A recent report by the US Department of Labor ranks careers in information security and privacy as one of the top 10 fastest growing professions.

According to a recent analysis by Verizon, computer hackers stole more sensitive records in 2008 than in the previous four years combined.